LINDE 16 - 1200 Heavy Forklift

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LINDE 16 - 1200 Heavy Forklift Specification

  • Make : LINDE
  • Model : LINDE 16 - 1200 Heavy Forklift
  • Condition : New
  • Max.-Capacity-(kg) : 16000
  • Fuel-Type : Diesel
  • Max-Lift-Height-(m) : 6.1
  • Forklift-Mast-Type : Duplex Mast (2 stage)
  • Forklift-Features : Side Shift
  • Stock ID : VG36


** 2013 Stock - BRAND NEW MACHINE **

Capacity: 16,000kg 1200mm Load Centre

Mast Lift Height: 2 Stage 6100mm Mast
Tilt: 5 degree forward / 10 degree Backward
Carriage: 3000mm width Side Shifting Fork Positioning Pin type Carriage
Forks: 2440x250x100mm forks

Overall Length: 8,200mm
Wheelbase: 3,850mm
Overall Width: 2,630mm (or 3,000mm if wide carriage selected)
Min Turning Radius: 5,300mm

Cummins QSB6.7, EU Stage 3, 6 cylinder diesel engine, equipped with turbocharger. Rated output of 145kw. This modern propulsion unit is notable for particularly smooth running with low noise emissions and outstandingly clean exhaust low fuel consumption.

Drive System
Kessler Drive axle & DANA Transmission, Torque converter automatic three-speed power shift transmission. Reversing interlock. Speed-Controlled downshift protection. For accurate lower-speed handling and positioning, the brake plate pressure switch is coupled to the accelerator pedal to enable transmission disconnect whilst maintaining high engine speed for hydraulic operations. Wide-track front drive axle incorporates two-stage reduction gearboxes, High-quality steel plate construction optimized for heavy-load handling.

Steer axle
Hydrostatic power steering allows full steering lock to be attained even at standstill. Accurate maneuverability with minimum effort. Line-mounted to the chassis via spherical bushes to allow axle articulation over uneven ground. Steering lock stops preventing cylinder over stroke.
4 front drive and 2 rear steer wheels
12.00 x 24 x 24PR pneumatic tyres

Oil-actuated, hub-mounted wet disc brake units. Fail-safe oil actuated brake system. Input shaft, disc mounted hand brake unit. Foot brake application by applied pressure to the centralized brake plate. Parking brake application by electric switch situated on the operator’s console.

Operator’s Position
Aesthetically styled, high mounted steel framed cabin clad with pre-formed impact resistant panels front, rear and top washers and wipers. All glass is bonded to frame with appropriate sun shade provided. The climate control air conditioning system provides cool air to the operator and floor mounted vents. The steering wheel is angled and positioned for low operator stress during operation. Floor surfaces are covered in heavy gauge rubber compound and sound proof matting.

Full suspension seat is fully adjustable for weight, backrest angle, seat squab front and rear, plus fore/aft adjustment. (seat base measurement 2,100mm).

Key Points
Intelligent Anti-Rolling System
Real-Time monitoring system provides the Vulcan Heavy Capacity Forklift Truck with intelligent torque protection and anti-rollover device that ensures stable and safe performance.

CAN-BUS Communication Technology
Equipped with CAN communication technology, all of signals concerning the machine are transmitted with real-time data which has the advantages of long transmission life, quick response, high anti-interference ability, stable network system, and strong extension ability.

BUS Throttle Control Technology
The BUS Throttle Control Technology allows for the Vulcan Heavy Capacity Forklift Truck to work seamlessly under various working conditions by signally the engine to adjust according to the changes in environment, thus protecting the engine and overall saving energy.

Advanced Hydraulic Load Sensing Technology
When load condition change the proportional reversing valve signals the load sensing valve mounted on the variable piston pump to control the oil output, which controls the engine output to save energy.

Flow Amplifying Technology
The Flow Amplifying Technology controls for the precise oil flow through the steering cylinder allowing the light and flexible operation for rapid response speed.

Finite Element Analysis and Dynamic Simulation Technology
With the application of advanced finite element analysis and the kinematic simulation method, the overall design of the machine can assure the durable structure of the boom and frame, the excellent performance and the extraordinary stability and reliability of the entire machine.



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